10 Top Tips for Professional Landscapers

At Growtivation, we make it our mission to supply both high-quality landscaping products and expert advice that makes life easier for professional landscapers and helps to achieve great results for clients.

From the best weed control membranes for the job to how to install a gravel retention system, here are 10 Top Landscaping Tips drawn from the Growtivation blog this year:

1. Install a ground control solution on slopes and embankments to prevent soil erosion

Slopes and embankments are prone to erosion. The displacement of soil can destabilise a slope and affect the growth of grass or vegetation. Installing a quality ground-control solution can prevent this.

2. Landscape over tree roots by installing a sub-base

When creating a garden or driveway, a common issue that can affect your design is tree roots. Overcome this problem by installing a sub-base that doesn’t damage the tree or its roots.

3. Use angular gravel on driveways rather than rounded

Gravel is a popular, cost-effective option for driveways and there are lots of possibilities to choose from. Selecting the right shape should be your first step and gravel used on driveways should be angular, rather than rounded.

4. Lay a quality geotextile fabric to help combat weeds in plant beds and borders

Landscape gardeners are always battling weeds so it pays to know the best weed control for plant beds and borders. Laying a quality geotextile fabric will help keep the weeds at bay.

5. Install an eco-friendly weed control solution when creating flower beds in public parks to minimise maintenance work

If you’re creating flower beds, paths and paved areas and gravelled and grassed areas for public spaces, low maintenance is important. For flower beds, minimise the need for maintenance work by using an eco-friendly weed control solution.

6. Use decking to maximise space when turning a small rooftop into a city escape

Transforming a small rooftop into a city escape? Looking for inspiration? Maximise space by using decking and adapting the same decking to create built-in furniture.

7. Use a light-coloured gravel retention system to avoid gravel grid exposure

A gravel retention system should be inconspicuous and lie unseen beneath the gravel. However, the movement of gravel over time can expose the grid system. Protect against exposure by using a light-coloured gravel-retention system.

8. Install a ground stabilisation membrane to create a stable foundation for a new driveway, patio or pathway

When installing a new driveway, patio or pathway, it is essential that the ground beneath is adequately prepared. Create a stable foundation or sub-base by using a ground stabilisation membrane.

9. Lay a ground-control system to let people park on grass without ruining it

How to let people park on the grass without wrecking it is an age-old problem. Whether it’s temporary or permanent parking, or light or heavy vehicle traffic, prevent damage by installing a ground control system.

10. Always wow your clients

Leave every customer with a positive lasting impression of your work by going beyond spectacular shrubs, breathtaking blooms, posh patios and dazzling decking. There are many ways to really wow your customers that will ensure they recommend you to others and create a steady stream of enquiries for your services.

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