If you’re a distributor, or a trade centre looking for a supplier of quality products and materials, visit Growtivation now to find out how we can motivate your customers to buy our products from you, growing your sales and your customer’s satisfaction.


If you’re a tradesperson or DIY enthusiast, visit Product That Works for the very best products in the building, landscaping and growing industry. Our products are relied on daily by tradespeople across the UK, providing solutions for a number of applications.

Welcome to Growtivation

Welcome to Growtivation and our range of Product That Works. We offer products for tradespeople in the building, landscaping and growing industries, sold exclusively via our network of trade merchants across the UK. Find a supplier for our Product That Works range, which includes weed control fabrics, ground cover fabrics and driveway membranes.

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Product Guide

Growtivation Product Guide 2021/22

NEW! View and download the new 2021/22 product guide, bursting with information about our full range of products for the building, landscaping and growing industries. You’ll also find a better than ever choice in our popular SITEWORX product range too.

Geo Fabric Product Selector

Geotextile Fabric Product

NEW! Our quick and easy guide to selecting the right fabric for the perfect landscape, with a unique product colour coding system that makes it easy to identify the different fabrics available.