Driveway installation requires a high level of expertise and attention to detail. Driveway contractors are responsible for providing their clients with a safe and durable surface that will last for years to come. One of the most critical steps in ensuring the longevity of a driveway is the installation of a driveway membrane. Let’s lift the bonnet on why a driveway fabric is a must-have component for any professional driveway installation.

Avoid a digging disaster by laying a driveway fabric

Laying a driveway without a driveway fabric is a rookie mistake every professional contractor will seek to avoid. A driveway fabric sits beneath the sub-base layers to strengthen the integrity of the surface. Without the supporting layer over time, the driveway will suffer from a process known as pumping. Pumping is when the aggregates in the sub-base settle into the soil beneath. The settlement of aggregate will cause the surface to rut and sink. This expensive error will disgruntle homeowners and negatively impact any driveway contractor’s reputation.

The craftsman code to knowing which driveway membrane to pick

The most knowledgeable driveway contractors understand the essential role driveway membranes play and the secret to selecting the right one. One step into a builder’s merchant and you are met with a vast array of driveway fabrics, all claiming to offer the same support. However, professional contractors know the trade secret to selecting the right driveway membrane is one that will not lose strength when buried in the ground. Quality driveway fabrics have the strength to withstand all the bricks, blocks and vehicular movement that will come their way. A robust driveway fabric such as Drivetex provides superior strength. Drivetex is manufactured using only 100% virgin polypropylene meaning no nasty fillers weaken the fabric, resulting in fantastic durability and mechanical resistance.

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