For the perfect landscape it’s essential that you have the right product for your project. That’s why we’ve provided you with a quick and easy guide to selecting the right fabric. Unique colour coded branding makes it easy for you to distinguish between the different fabrics. Once you’ve made your choice all you have to do is pick up the product with the right colour packaging, hence… there’s ‘a colour for all reasons’.

Recommended for this type of application Suitable for this type of application
Application Product
  Weedtex Landtex Groundtex Draintex Drivetex Earthworx
Weed Control
Garden borders      
Planted areas / beds      
Rockeries / scree gardens        
Under artificial grass      
Under decking      
Under bark / other mulch      
Under washed & rounded decorative stone / aggregates        
Under angular decorative stone / aggregates          
Under areas subject to pedestrian traffic          
Under areas subject to vehicular traffic          
Under type 1 for roads/highways and areas subject to heavy traffic          
Under type 1 for roads    
Under type 1 for driveways / parking areas    
Under type 1 for patios / paths / hard-standings      
Under horse arenas          
Under gravel / decorative aggregates subject to pedestrian traffic      
Under gravel / decorative aggregates subject to vehicular traffic    
Wrapping soakaway & rainwater attenuation crates        
Lining land / French drains        
Separating soil from aggregates in other drainage applications        
Under permeable paving      
Drainage applications in other SUDs compliant systems