PledgeMark™ is an approval system that ensures products are suitable for their intended use. The system controls product quality of independent batches and certifies that the product will perform its intended functions for its expected lifetime.

The PledgeMark™ warranty covers all sizes of the weed control, landscape and geotextile fabrics in the Product That Works range, including Weedtex Weed Control Fabric, Landtex Landscape Fabric, Groundtex Woven Geo Fabric, Groundtex Ground Cover Fabric, Draintex Geotextile Fabric, Drivetex Geotextile Fabric and Earthworx NW1000 Geotextile Fabric.

The warranty ensures that any faulty material, due to defective manufacture, is replaced free of charge and with minimum fuss. The PledgeMark™ is an emblem of quality and assurance for the installer, knowing they can have confidence in the products that bear the mark.