Tarpaulins talk how siteworx tarps can increase durability

Tarpaulins don’t break the bank and are certainly not the star show of a building site. However, these construction supplies are the unsung hero for when the weather turns grey, dust needs battling and when security is in question. Small and underestimated maybe. But tarpaulins are the pulse of a building site. Let’s talk tarps.

Taking tarpaulins to new heights

When the weather begins to turn multipurpose tarpaulins are great to protect equipment, storage and even interiors. Any structural damages in roofing projects can be sheltered by these construction supplies to create a temporary cover to protect the interior from the elements. Similarly, outdoor equipment can be smothered with these sturdy, blue tarps to shelter from rain, snow and other harsh weather.
If stronger reinforcement is required heavy-duty tarpaulins, are the perfect backup. Siteworx construction supplies, heavy-duty tarpaulins can withstand the roughest of site conditions since they cannot easily tear. The added durability of these nifty construction supplies is woven within the rot-proof polypropylene weaves to give extra strength.

Eyelet up your tarp game

Siteworx multipurpose tarpaulins have rust-resistant aluminium eyelets spread a meter apart around the perimeter. But what happens when more eyelets are needed to give extra reinforcement?
A grommet press can be used to punch through the tarpaulins to create new spaces for eyelets to fill. Alternatively, if there is no access to a grommet press, a drill with a hole saw can be used to make a hole and a hammer to slot them into place. Before using the tarp in action it may be a great idea to test the DIY eyelets to ensure they can carry the intended load.

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