Construction Materials: 5 Of The Essentials You Need

With the high-season approaching it is time to stock up on your construction material essentials. A well-equipped site ensures your project can run smoothly with fewer delays and accidents, something all building professionals strive for.

Create a checklist to make sure you have all the building supplies you need to get the work done, both safely and efficiently.

Expansion Joint Filler

As a building professional avoiding cracks in brickwork, blockwork and concrete is key to preventing structural problems later down the line for you and your customers. Unattractive cracks can also take a hit to your reputation, something you undoubtably want to avoid, so ensuring expansion joint is in your building supplies is a must.

These construction materials come in both a foam expansion joint and a fibreboard expansion joint, as in the Siteworx range of building supplies. Siteworx foam expansion joint filler is made from a closed cell-foam, so is lightweight and flexible, perfect for combating thermal expansion in blockwork, brickwork and mortar joints. Similarly, Siteworx Fibreboard Expansion Joint Filler prevents cracking in concrete and is made of bitumen to defend against moisture. Both construction materials come in a range of sizes to suit any project.


Sometimes overlooked, rubble sacks are vital building supplies all sites need. A messy site increases the risk of unnecessary accidents and could impede the project, a costly mistake.

Siteworx Rubble Sacks come in 10 and 100 packs, suited to both smaller and larger sites. These building supplies are strong and durable, capable of withstanding heavier materials, such as aggregates and logs.


Expansion joint is not the only defender against cracking in concrete. Fibres are another essential construction material required to prevent shrinkage and cracking in concrete and screed mixes or plaster and render mixes.

Both concrete and screed and plaster and render fibres are available in the Siteworx range of construction materials. Concrete and screed fibres are a handy addition to building supplies as they maximise tensile strength and improve impact and abrasion resistance.

Whereas, plaster and render fibres strengths lie in ensuring lime-based plasters, a material famous for cracking, do not crack and leave an undesirable finish. Again, another vital construction material to have on-site.


Not the most exciting addition to the plethora of construction materials but nevertheless important, tarpaulins. Tarpaulins add protection to a site, through providing shelter on scaffolding or preventing site walkways becoming dangerously slippery and wet.

Siteworx have a range of tarpaulins, multi-purpose and heavy duty, to suit all applications. Both types of tarpaulins in this range of construction materials have anti-rust aluminium eyelets and reinforced rope edges for additional strength and durability.

Protection Sheeting

Exterior building supplies are important but that is not to say the interior doesn’t matter too. As the work progresses building supplies are required for the interiors. Building work is known to be messy, to protect any inside furnishings or furniture, protection sheeting can be used.

Siteworx range of construction materials have light, medium and heavy protection sheeting, offering a variety of strengths, all made from clear, polythene.

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