The colder months are creeping in but that does not mean garden improvements cannot be made. During such a challenging economy, it is imperative to keep landscaping costs low. While costs need to be kept to a minimum this does not need to come at the expense of a beautiful garden. Here are some simple garden improvement tips that are mindful of the pennies.

Install a gravel path stabiliser

A winding path stretching down into the depths of a garden is a particularly smart idea in any scheme to avoid stepping through wet, muddy grass come the winter. Patio paths are an obvious choice but to keep the landscaping costs down a gravel path stabiliser can be installed to create a picturesque gravel path. A beautifully gravelled path will also make the journey to the end of the garden that little bit safer for customers and their families.

Loose gravel surfaces are known to struggle with gravel migration, which causes the stone to dislodge into neighbouring lawns and plant beds. An uninviting look. Gravelrings gravel path stabiliser treats this problem by locking the stone into the system so it cannot move. Superior surface stability can be achieved as the gravel path stabiliser has a one-piece moulded mesh base anchoring it into the ground to prevent any lifting. Even with frequent footfall, which means this landscaping cost is both minimal and practical.

Gravel comes in all shapes and colours to integrate into the desired colour scheme. Furthermore, wet feet can be avoided because Gravelrings effectively drains stormwater due to their SUDS compliance. What’s more this gravel path stabiliser in black is made from 100% recycled material and in white part-recycled plastic. Both colours are recyclable at the end of life. Fitting the bill for those who are looking to create a sustainable scheme.

Create a rockery with a heavy weed fabric

Rockeries add visual interest to a garden while needing virtually no maintenance. What makes this feature low maintenance are the materials installed beneath. Using an excellent quality heavy weed fabric will prevent any unwanted weed growth from poking through the rocks. Although, heavy weed fabric will not prohibit airborne seeds from growing since they sprout on top of the surface, rather than from beneath.

Keep up with garden maintenance

Even if the frost has already begun to bite, staying on top of the garden maintenance will help keep landscaping costs down in the Spring. By staying on top of the weeding and pruning throughout the chillier months, when spring finally arrives there will be no need to pay for a landscape gardener to tidy the overgrown plant beds.

A DIY approach to de-weeding may not be the answer for those who view it as a painful chore. Instead, a heavy weed fabric can be installed to prevent an army of weeds from growing. Heavy weed fabrics don’t cost the earth and will even lessen the workload for a landscape gardener as they block the sunlight weeds feed on to grow. Better yet, a weed barrier can protect the boom of gardening and planting post covid. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can make the most dramatic impact.

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