At Growtivation and Product That Works we are an established, family-owned company offering a unique range of products for the building, landscaping and growing industries, sold exclusively through our network of trade merchants and suppliers.

There are two sides to Growtivation; the first, Product That Works, is the name given to our family of branded products designed for tradespeople in the building and landscaping industry. Growtivation is the side of the business which works with respected merchants, both locally and nationally, such as Jewson, MKM, Huws Gray, Gibbs & Dandy and more to increase their sales and provide a high-quality product to their customers.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have seen steady, stable growth guided by proficient business management and effective leadership. Looking to the future we envisage a further period of positive expansion, exploring other markets and new products to add to our comprehensive portfolio.

Product That Works

Motivated by our motto, we have always made every effort to supply product that works for our customers. The hallmark of all our products is quality, performance and value for money. Stringent quality control procedures ensure that guaranteed quality products reach our customers and can be relied on to perform to the standards required.

Our products provide solutions for a wide range of applications, the range falls into three main categories:

  • Building: Professional building products and supplies for trade and DIY users. These essential products provide what’s needed to ensure a site or building project operates to a high standard of workmanship, safety, tidiness and productivity.
  • Landscaping: Practical and functional landscaping products that work. Ideal for domestic and commercial projects, this range of high performance products ensure the creation of the perfect landscape.
  • Growing: A selection of quality products for the agricultural and horticultural industries. Including polythenes and mattings, perfect for commercial growing or domestic gardening.

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Based on sound foundational values and drawing on a wealth of technical expertise in this field, Growtivation is well placed to ensure our customers succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

We believe in the concept that it’s not products that sell, it’s brands that sell. Whilst a poor quality product will not make a good name for itself, when you combine the factors of high quality, functionality and a strong identity, you have a recognised brand that is sought after and popular with professional tradespeople and consumers. Our distinctly branded products pave the way to increased sales for our suppliers.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure you have everything you need to maximise your sales, whether that’s attention-grabbing point of sale displays or in-store training for your team to effectively sell our products.

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