A walk in the park - grounds maintenance in public parks

Low maintenance is the name of the game when it comes to creating public parks, especially with council park maintenance budgets constantly under pressure. Similarly, being able to create public spaces quickly, easily and cost effectively is essential to winning not just council contracts, but private ones too. Growtivation’s range of specialist landscaping products are ideal for large-scale, low maintenance landscaping projects and are easy to use across a host of applications.

Flower Beds

Not even the most enthusiastic volunteer wants to spend hours weeding large planted areas and weeds everywhere will make a park look scruffy and uncared for very quickly. Thankfully, surrounding plants with bark or mulch is a common practice in parks so a handy weed control fabric can be easily hidden. Landtex is a great product for use in parks; it’s heavy duty enough to be used in professional landscaping applications but light enough to allow water, air and nutrients into the soil, whilst preventing weeds from getting the sunlight they need to grow. It can also be used with rounded gravel or decorative stones on top.

Paths and Paved Areas

Fancy paths or paved areas made of block paving or bricks look fantastic in a park but they can be impractical if they are subject to a lot of foot traffic, becoming uneven or potted as they start to sink into the earth beneath. This isn’t only unsightly, it’s an accident claim waiting to happen in a public area. Tough woven geofabrics like Groundtex are ideal for separating the sub-base under paving from the ground beneath, while letting water through so paved areas don’t get waterlogged. Groundtex helps to stop pathways and paved areas from sinking for a long-lasting even finish.

Gravelled Areas

For areas that experience a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, gravel is a cheaper alternative to paving but lots of scuffing feet and turning wheels can result in gravel spreading and getting everywhere it isn’t meant to be. Gravel surfaces can also be high maintenance because they can sink into the ground or get distributed unevenly, leaving exposed patches. Gravelrings are an easy way to save yourself this aggravation, by keeping gravel in place with sturdy rings that can stand up to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The open mesh base of the Gravelrings panels is designed to stop gravel getting underneath the panels, whilst letting water, silt and fine debris through.

Grassed areas

Football kick-arounds, frisbee games, playing with dogs, walking, running, cycling, driving, grass cutting, and just about every other activity a public park is designed for, can wreck grassed areas. Compacted soil means the grass is not able to get the water and nutrients it needs and this in turn causes bald spots to appear. Grassrings gives grass the support it needs to hold its own against pounding feet and rolling tyres. If installed properly, it can provide a permanent solution to grassed areas that are subject to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Find out more about the Growtivation Product That Works range by downloading our Product Guide and your free copy of our Ground Control That Works guide to grass and gravel stabilisation.

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