Top tips for keeping building sites neat and tidy

Well-ordered building sites are essential to achieve high standards of workmanship, safety and productivity. But keeping things neat doesn’t have to be a headache – adopting simple measures can help to keep building sites tidy and safe.

Check that fencing is secure

As well as a strong and secure building site perimeter, SITEWORX Barrier Fencing should be used to seal off hazardous areas within the site. It’s made of a bright, extruded mesh that’s lightweight yet tough and easy to put up and move when used with SITEWORX Fence Pins. It should be regularly checked to make sure it’s secure and in position with no loose ends or fallen pins.

Put skips in sensible places

Putting skips in the most appropriate and accessible places will ensure they’re used properly and avoid rubbish being left untidily and unsafely. If workers are away from a skip and but producing rubbish, use heavy duty SITEWORX Polythene Rubble Sacks to transfer waste to skips once they are full.

Store materials properly

Make sure timber is stacked flat, rather than propping it upright. All materials should be stored on firm and level ground and not stacked too high. Materials exposed to the elements should be properly protected – SITEWORX Pallet Wrap is a stretchy and strong film for safe and easy storage. Well secured SITEWORX Multi-Purpose Tarpaulin and SITEWORX Heavy Duty Tarpaulin are essential for protecting materials and keeping them dry.

Keep your workforce onside

Making the whole team responsible for being tidy and well-ordered will keep a building site safer and more secure. Set rules and standards and stick to them. Ensure workers have all the tools they need to tidy as they go, including SITEWORX Temporary Protection Sheeting and SITEWORX High Protection Sheeting so they can protect floor coverings and interior finishes while they work.

For more information about keeping building sites safe and tidy, visit the Health and Safety Executive website and Working Well Together, an organisation that promotes good working practices in the construction industry.

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