How to Prevent Soil Erosion on Slopes and Embankments

How can slope and embankment erosion be avoided?

Although certain types of planting can help reduce soil erosion on banks and slopes, cellular confinement systems, such as Earthworx Groundcell, are proven to be highly effective against the movement of earth during rainfall or footfall. This water permeable system reinforces and stabilises the soil by using textured and perforated strips made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

The panels form cells in a structure similar to that of a honeycomb, which are then filled with soil and help stabilise the surface. Earthworx Groundcell cab aksi be laid horizontally and filled with aggregate to form a sub-base over areas containing tree roots, protecting the roots from damage.

How do you install Earthworx Groundcell?

Installing Earthworx Groundcell as a soil erosion solution is simple.

  1. Lay an Earthworx Groundcell panel over the surface and secure one edge (in the middle) with Earthworx J Fixing Pins. Pull the panel out to its full length and secure the other end with an Earthworx J Fixing Pin. Repeat the same procedure across the width of the panel, stretching it out to its full width and securing in each corner with a pin.
  2. Fully secure the panel to the surface using a total of 10-12 pins evenly spaced. Cells should be fully expanded (and tensioned) to the cell size stated on the technical data sheet.
  3. Repeat the process, laying additional panels to cover the area. Staple each cell together where adjoining panels meet.
  4. Fill the cells with the appropriate topsoil and overfill the cells by a minimum of 25mm. Plant vegetation, shrubs and so forth, as per the specified planting scheme, if applicable.

Can Earthworx Groundcell be installed on existing slopes and embankments?

If you’re looking for a soil erosion solution for an existing embankment, rather than a newly created one, it’s possible to help encourage vegetation growth and future soil erosion by installing an Earthworx Groundcell system.

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