Keep On The Grass - how to create parking space but not ruin the grass

Application: A parking area for infrequent use whilst retaining a permeable surface and ‘green look’

Solution: For an occasional parking area that will retain a permeable surface and ‘green look’, Grassrings are a great option. Installed on a stone sub-base layer, these flexible modules clip together to provide stabilisation for grass surfaces while preventing soil compaction, ensuring the grass can get the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to grow. Once in place with an appropriate sand and water-storing polymer base, Grassrings can be covered with fertiliser, soil and planted with grass seed. After that, the grass simply needs watering and then cutting and caring for as normal once it’s grown. If the area isn’t used too often, the grass should stay in good condition for years to come.

Application: Areas that need to be used for pedestrian or light vehicle usage without killing the grass

Solution: For areas that will be subject to pedestrian or light vehicle usage, Earthworx Grassmesh can be laid over the grass to protect it. Made of a tough, high-density polyethylene mesh means Earthworx Grassmesh lasts well but is still cost effective. It’s designed to keep the appearance of natural grass and the grass can even be cut with the mesh in place. Use Earthworx Fixing Pins to hold it in place.

Application: Areas that will see more frequent or heavier traffic usage without killing the grass

Solution: Made from a thick polymer, Earthworx Grassmesh Extra is a heavier duty version of Earthworx Grassmesh making it ideal for applications with more frequent or heavier traffic.

Application: Areas subject to heavy loads

Solution: If you’ve got an area of grass you need to protect from really heavy loads, you can use super strong Earthworx Ultragrid for superior protection and ground stabilisation. The Earthworx Fixing Pins can be used to hold this ground control system in place too.

Application: Areas subject to extreme loads or more frequent usage by heavy loads

Solution: For grassed areas that will be subject to really heavy loads or more frequent usage by heavy loads, there is a heavier duty version of the Ultragrid system, Ultragrid Extra. Made of a thicker polymer, Ultragrid Extra is designed specifically for the purpose of protecting grass from the damage that can be caused by traffic carrying very heavy loads. Like the others, it can be laid directly onto the grass and held in place with the fixing pins.

Whatever your application, there is an Earthworx Product That Works solution to preserve grass and keep it looking great.

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