Get set to go - prepare now for the landscape gardening season ahead

By the time the long Easter bank holiday weekend comes around they are champing at the bit to get going. Easter is a highlight of the landscape gardening year – a popular time for homeowners to be reviewing their gardens, deciding on improvements and engaging the services of both gardening professional and landscape gardeners to bring their dreams to reality.

Now is the time for landscaping contractors and landscape gardeners to stock up on specialist landscaping products that will enhance their clients’ gardens and make their own jobs easier.

Specialist landscaping products

Professional landscaping contractors and landscape gardeners want to be assured of using the best products for their work, ones that will produce the best results for their clients, perform the function they have been chosen for and are also value for money. Cutting corners by using cheap products, products not made specifically for landscape gardening applications or those that cannot perform the task they have been installed to do, will cost you in the long run.

Cheaper alternatives and products that are not purpose-made for landscaping applications are unlikely to have undergone stringent quality control procedures, cannot be guaranteed to perform to the high standards you require, may not achieve the results you desire and may not conform to European safety, health or environmental standards.

Solutions to landscaping problems

Landscaping professionals need specialist products that can be relied upon to provide effective and long-lasting solutions to numerous landscaping issues, key among them:

  • Weed control – destroy the ability for weeds to grow in your clients’ gardens and they will love you forever. By installing a garden weed control fabric, such as Weedtex, you will prevent weeds from getting the daylight they need to grow, while still enabling the nutrients, water and air that the plants require to get into the soil.</ br>
    Where more heavy duty weed control and/or an eco-friendly solution is required, Landtex is it. A thicker alternative to Weedtex, Landtex eliminates the need to use chemicals and can also be used under smooth gravel. Where sharp or angular aggregate or stone is used or the area is subject to a lot of pedestrian traffic, Groundtex is the solution.
  • Ground stabilisation – creating a path, patio or driveway that remains even and doesn’t eventually pit or crumble and you will again have happy customers, delighted even. Groundtex is a versatile, multi-purpose woven geotextile fabric that be installed beneath a sub-base to stabilise and level finished surfaced in both soft and hard landscaping projects.
  • Drainage – enable water to drain freely, rather than pooling and puddling by installing a geotextile fabric purpose-designed for dealing with drainage problems, such as Draintex permeable non-woven geotextile fabric. This will prevent the appearance of unwelcome water features in your clients’ gardens.
  • Bald patches – prevent the appearance of bald patches on gravel or grass driveways, parking zones and paths with Earthworx ground control products. These specialist ground control solutions are ideal for keeping gravel in place and protecting grass from the wear and tear of pedestrians and traffic.
  • Privacy – enhance any project with screening solutions, ideal for gardens, pergolas, decking areas and patios. Use Extradex natural screening products to provide extra privacy and create zones in clients’ gardens.

With Easter nearly upon us, now is the time to stock up on Product That Works for both you and your clients.

To be sure of selecting the right weed control, drainage, ground stabilisation and ground control geotextile fabric for the job use our geo fabric product selector.

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