This is Ground Control – Solutions for Landscapers

Any bald spot can be a cause for concern. Although attractive on (some) human heads, those appearing on gravel or grass driveways, parking areas, paths and golf courses can be unsightly and hard work to cover up. While mankind continues its search for a cure, there is at least a solution for landscaping bald patches – Earthworx ground control products.

Earthworx: Groundrings Gravel

Earthworx Groundrings Gravel panels are ideal for making gravel behave. Suitable for pedestrians and vehicles, it stabilises the surface to the point of being able to cycle or push a buggy or wheelchair across it. Its strength is achieved through its unique ring design, which also prevents gravel migration, sinking and rutting. A permeable mesh base eliminates silt build-up and prevents the gravel from undermining the panels causing them to lift, but still allows water to drain through. The panels fit together easily and Earthworx Groundrings Fixing Pins are perfect for pinning them in place. They are made of 100% recycled material and are suitable for use in SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) compliant schemes.

Earthworx: Groundrings Grass

For stabilising and reinforcing grassy areas that are subject to occasional vehicle traffic, such as overflow car parks and access roads, Earthworx Groundrings Grass panels are the perfect solution. Their open grid structure allows lateral root growth so grass can obtain the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to thrive. Like the gravel variety, the ring structure gives these panels great load-bearing capacity and optimum strength and prevents root compaction that kills the grass and causes bare patches. Their flexibility and strength mean the panels can follow ground undulations and provide a long-term solution for these areas, while remaining permeable to allow moisture into the soil.

Other Grass Protecting Products

Growtivation’s Earthworx range also features products that work to protect grass from the wear and tear caused by pedestrians and light vehicles. Grassmesh is a cost-effective solution for access and parking areas, while Grassmesh Extra is a heavier duty version, suitable for heavier traffic or higher volume. Alternatively upgrade to Ultragrid and Ultragrid Extra – the perfect solution where a more robust ground protection and reinforcement system is required. All of these products can be held in place with our Earthworx Fixing Pins.

Our Earthworx range of Product That Works is designed to solve the common ground problems that gardeners and landscapers come across and make their lives easier. To find out more about our products or place an order, call 0800 197 8885 or email

And don’t forget to download your free copy of our Ground Control That Works guide to grass and gravel stabilisation.