Perfect Landscaping using Product That Works – Part 1

In the first of two-part series on how to create the perfect landscape, Graham Elsey, Marketing Manager for Growtivation and the Product That Works range, provides practical advice on which landscape membrane to use for weed control and ground stabilisation in different applications.

Don’t let weeds spoil your work

Planning is the key to success when it comes to landscape design. Knowing what you are trying to achieve will not only help you get started, it will determine which garden supplies, building materials and landscaping products you need for the job.

To create a simple garden border topped with bark that won’t get overrun and spoiled by weeds, try using a weed membrane. Our Weedtex weed control fabric offers effective weed suppression and can be used under decking and borders. It allows fertilisers, water and air to get through to the soil to maintain plant growth but prevents weeds from getting the daylight they need. Under decking, we suggest installing a layer of Weedtex, securing it with Extrafix Plastic Pegs and covering it with bark (50mm minimum).

Perfect for planting

For heavy duty weed control in landscaping projects, our Landtex geo fabric product is ideal. Like Weedtex, it eliminates the need to use chemicals because it suppresses weeds by stopping the light they need to grow. However, it can also be used under gravel and other smooth materials, and won’t fray when cut to plant through. This makes it perfect for use in planting schemes, where the Landtex should be covered with a 50mm layer of bark, or other mulch, rounded cobbles or decorative stone.

If you are creating an area that is to be covered in aggregate or stone or will be subject to pedestrian traffic, you will need a weed control fabric that won’t tear or split on sharp edges. Our Groundtex woven geotextile fabric is robust enough to cope with those conditions and stop weeds poking through and spoiling your otherwise immaculate new garden or commercial landscape scheme.

Divide and rule

Not only is Groundtex a heavy duty weed barrier above ground but, thanks to its excellent strength and tear resistance, it is also a stabilising and separating geotextile for groundwork and hard landscaping. It can be used beneath the sub-base – MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate, sharp, angular stone and gravel, as well as in areas which have pedestrian or vehicular traffic – to create a stable and level base for a pathway or patio area.

Start your next garden or landscaping project by planning, researching and preparing first. Choose the right weed control fabric and ground stabilisation materials for the job with our geo fabric product selector. Then find your nearest Product That Works stockist.

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In our next blog post Graham gives some tips on creating driveways and stabilising grass and gravel surfaces.