Perfect Landscaping using Product that Works – Part 2

Having looked at which landscape membrane to use for weed control and ground stabilisation in different applications in the first of a two-part series on creating the perfect landscape, here Graham Elsey, Marketing Manager for Growtivation and the Product That Works range, outlines the best products for creating stable, long-lasting driveways and long-term stabilisation of grass and gravel areas subject to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Creating Perfect Driveways

When it comes to the perfect driveway, landscapers and their clients want the same thing – a driveway that remains even and doesn’t pit or crumble over time. This involves tackling the three key challenges to driveway perfection – ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage.

All three challenges can be addressed using a professional grade membrane, such as Drivetex. This non-woven geotextile fabric is designed specifically for driveways and roads and provides the best performance in ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage.

When used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore in sub-base layers, Drivetex prevents aggregates from settling into the soil beneath and so stops the driveway from sinking and rutting. It makes an excellent long-term choice for driveways, roads and other areas subject to vehicular traffic because it doesn’t lose strength when used below ground, while its superior drainage properties mean it can be used beneath permeable paving and other SuDS-compliant installations.

Stabilising Grass and Gravel Surfaces

Creating a stable surface for temporary parking on grass or to make gravel surfaces even enough to push a wheelchair or buggy over can also pose a significant challenge for landscape professionals.

When it comes to grass surfaces, the best product to use will depend on whether you are seeking a temporary or permanent solution, but whichever it is the Earthworx range of specialist ground control products will offer the right solution.

Ideal for use at caravan parks, golf courses, on driveways and car parks, the 100% recycled plastic modular Groundrings Grass system can be used for permanent reinforcement of grass surfaces. These flexible modules simply clip together and, once backfilled with soil and seeded, provide long-term reinforcement and stabilisation for areas subject to vehicle use. The unique, open grid structure allows roots to grow laterally without hindrance.

For temporary grass parking or footfall solutions, Grassmesh and Grassmesh Extra protect and stabilise grass quickly and effectively.

Creating a gravel driveway where the gravel remains largely in place is another common challenge but can be achieved by using Gravelrings, a fully-permeable gravel retention system for use in SuDS compliant schemes.

The system’s plastic porous paving modules are laid over a stone sub-base, before being filled with loose aggregate or gravel, allowing flow through but preventing loose aggregate working its way underneath and spoiling the end result. Its shallow depth of 25mm means a shallower excavation is required, meaning less muck-away, reduced labour time and less gravel demand, lowering the overall cost of the project. Even being so shallow, it can still sustain loads of 350 tonnes/m².

All of the products in the Earthworx range come with detailed installation instructions, which can be found on our website here. For help in selecting the best ground stabilisation solution for your driveway project take a look at our geo fabric product selector. Then find your nearest Product That Works stockist.

For more information or if you’re unsure on the best product for your application, contact the friendly team at Growtivation for advice on 0800 197 8885 or email