Get Set for the Bank Holiday Gardening Bonanza

The supermarket shelves are bulging with chocolate, multi-coloured eggs and bunnies of all shapes and sizes. Yes, the Easter Bank Holiday weekend is nearly upon us – well known to be the busiest weekend of the year for garden centres and DIY shops.

According to gardening guru, Alan Titchmarsh, this will be the first time many householders and amateur gardeners have ventured out into their gardens to do any work since the end of last summer. And what awaits them – patchy lawns, crumbling patios and jungle-like weeds – will likely send them, wallet and purse in hand, to the doors of garden centres and landscaping suppliers seeking solutions to these problems.

Now’s the time to stock up on Product that Works that will help your customers create those Titchmarsh-inspired gardens they’ve spent all winter dreaming about.

Wrestling weeds

How many gardeners are going to look at the number of weeds poking through their gravel, decking and flowerbeds and groan in despair? Having plenty of our weed suppressing fabrics, such as Weedtex and Landtex, in stock will bolster their resolution to not put themselves through the strain of all that weeding again next year. According to gardening magazines, big blousy pink flowers are going to be fashionable this year to add a touch of glamour to the garden. Laying Weedtex under flowerbeds will help stop weeds ruining the effect.

A stabilising influence

Firepits and outdoor kitchens are all the rage at the moment and they require a good level patio. Gravel pathways are also in fashion so anyone installing these features would welcome our Groundtex product that separates aggregate and paving materials from the earth below to keep the ground nice and level.

Groundtex is also suitable for use under artificial grass, which is already very popular and will likely be even more so after many people spend valuable chocolate eating time over the Easter weekend mowing the grass. Meanwhile, Drivetex will help those tired of looking for parking spaces and wanting to turn their front garden into a driveway or those redoing their driveway after tripping up on uneven bricks once too often. This non-woven geotextile fabric for driveways and roads prevents sinking and rutting caused by settlement of aggregates into the soil beneath.

Defining drainage

Our lovely British weather will have turned some gardens into quagmires. Our Draintex non-woven geotextile fabric provides excellent drainage and filtration and is suitable for heavy-duty jobs, such as lining a land or French drain and as a stable base for hard landscaping. The narrow width mini roll is ideal for pathways.

Protecting privacy

Despite the lean towards artificial grass in many gardens, natural materials are back in fashion. Extradex, our garden screening solution, offers an attractive barrier solution to define spaces in the garden and to keep nosey neighbours at bay. With reed cane, whole bamboo, split bamboo, heather and willow varieties to choose from, gardeners will find the screening solution that will fit their scheme.

Our products make life easier for gardeners and landscapers and boost sales for retailers and trade merchants. To find out more about our products or place an order, call 0800 197 8885 or email