What is the Best Weed Control for Plant Beds?

Weeds are the landscape gardener’s nemesis. Having spent precious hours, days, even weeks creating the perfect garden design and planting scheme for your client, there is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing the weeds take over.

So what’s the best weed control for plant beds and borders to keep them at bay?

Geotextile fabrics

If you’re about to create a new plant bed, now’s the best time to make sure it’s as weed resistant as possible. Laying a landscape fabric is the perfect solution. Weed control fabrics, such as those from the Growtivation’s Product That Works range of professional landscaping solutions, provide an effective and eco-friendly solution, by suppressing weeds and negating the need to use chemicals on your garden

Growtivation Product That Works landscape fabrics Weedtex and Landtex are both suitable for controlling weeds in plant beds. While Landtex is a thicker option than Weedtex, they both allow liquid feed, fertilisers, water and air to permeate and create a healthy and fertile soil, but prevent weeds from getting the light they need to grow. After laying either fabric, you need to cover it with a 50mm layer of bark, mulch, rounded cobbles or decorative stone to further protect your borders and beds from weeds.

Weed killers

Applying weed killer can be an effective way of ridding your plant beds of weeds but it is the least environmentally friendly solution and needs to be repeated on a regular basis. If the soil in the plant bed you are working on has a particularly bad weed problem, you can apply weed killer after you’ve cut back the vegetation and before you lay Weedtex or Landtex geotextile fabrics. For particularly severe areas of weed growth, you can apply a double layer of Landtex.

Close planting

Being clever with your planting design is another good solution to minimising the growth of weeds in your plant beds. By close planting, you reduce the gaps between shrubs and flowers, preventing any weeds in the soil from getting the light they need to grow. But don’t forget to pay attention to the spacing recommendation for your plants to ensure healthy growth and minimise the risk of disease.

Find out more about the Growtivation Product That Works range by downloading our Product Guide and your free copy of our Landscaping That Works guide to weed control and geotextile fabrics.

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