How to Keep Gravel on your Driveway

Gravel is an attractive and popular option when it comes to choosing a driveway surface, as well as being one of the more cost-effective. Gravel driveways look good and the crunch of car wheels on gravel is definitely a satisfying sound. But the practicalities of preventing gravel from moving and keeping gravel in place on a driveway can be frustrating for owners of this otherwise lovely feature.

What causes the gravel on driveways to move?

The comings and goings of cars, turning tyres and general footfall on a driveway can cause gravel to shift and scatter onto flower beds, lawns, paths and roads. Rain can also play a part in displacing gravel from its intended location.

For home owners it can be a laborious job to clear up stray gravel and make their driveway look smart again. Indeed, the thought of having to do this regularly can put people off installing gravel driveways. Fortunately though it is now possible to install a solution that will minimise gravel movement and keep it where it is supposed to be – on your driveway.

How to stop driveway gravel from moving

Looking after a gravel driveway doesn’t have to be a major task if it’s installed correctly in the first place. Gravelrings is a permeable gravel retention system from the Growtivation Product That Works range of professional landscaping solutions.

The unique ring design of the Gravelrings plastic paving modules make them an effective way of containing and stabilising loose aggregate surfacing, helping to prevent gravel migration. The panels’ open-mesh base allows water to pass through, whilst preventing the build-up of silt and other fine debris within the cell, which in turn prevents the loose aggregate from working its way under the panel and undermining the surface finish.

Now available in a black or white finish not only will Gravelrings complement your choice of gravel colour but if the panels do begin to show through the gravel, the look of your driveway will not be spoilt.

Coming in handy 500 x 500mm panels (25mm depth), pre-assembled to 1m², Gravelrings are easy to transport and fast to lay. They are also compatible for use with Grassrings, a similar panel system for grass parking areas. With their clip-fastening systems, the panels can be interlinked to quickly and effectively create the surface finish you are looking for.

As well as preventing the movement of gravel from your driveway, Gravelrings also reduce sinking and rutting, making it easy to walk, cycle and push wheelchairs and pushchairs over a gravel driveway.

Find out more about the Growtivation Product That Works range by downloading our Product Guide and your free copy of our Ground Control That Works guide to grass and gravel stabilisation. Also take a look at our new video ‘How To Install Gravelrings’ for a step-by-step guide on how to use this gravel retention system.

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