Gravel Retention Systems: 25mm Vs 40mm Depth

A common misconception in the landscaping industry is a 40mm gravel retention grid is the best system for laying beneath a gravel driveway. Here we delve a little deeper into the truth behind the myth.

Gravel retention system strength

A common theory often spoken about among driveway contractors is the deeper the depth of the gravel retention grid, the stronger the gravel driveway is. However, the depth of a gravel grid does not determine the strength rather it is the materials used in the manufacturing process. A tell-tale sign of a weak gravel retention system is when a cracking sound can be heard as the grid is slightly bent. Additionally, the shape of the gravel retention system can influence its strength, a circular shaped grid is stronger than those with corners. Corners on a gravel retention grid can easily snap or break from vehicular movement on the gravel driveway.

Gravel driveway grid cost savings

A gravel retention grid can seem to be an extra cost on the proposal but they save both driveway contractors and clients time and money. A 25mm deep gravel retention grid entails greater cost savings than a 40mm deep gravel retention system. The deeper the grid, the more excavation work is required for the project, which increases labour costs. A shallower depth gravel retention system also needs less gravel to fill the panels. The reduced gravel demand not only impacts the driveway contractors project costs but this cost-saving is also passed onto the client, as when the gravel driveway needs some maintenance work less stone is used to top it up.

A gravel driveway built the most cost-effective way

Overall, if a cost-effective solution is sought after then a 25mm deep gravel retention system is the best choice when installing a gravel driveway. Gravelrings gravel driveway grid is a 25mm deep system that deserves a place in any driveway contractor’s toolkit.

Discover the cost savings of a 25mm vs 40mm system

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