Is Groundtex permeable?

Exploring permeable geotextile fabrics

The difference between a permeable geotextile and a drainage fabric is drainage fabrics, like Draintex, have an open structure which allow large volumes of water to surpass through the membrane, while preventing soil from blocking the drain. In comparison, Groundtex geotextile has a woven structure comprised of interlaced polypropylene which leave miniscule slits to allow water, air and nutrients to access the soil. It may be assumed that permeable geotextiles are not as effective at preventing weed growth, however this is simply not true because while the geotextile allows water to pass through it simultaneously blocks the sunlight needed to encourage weed growth.

Why Groundtex woven geo fabric stands out

Groundtex woven geo fabric is known for its distinctive properties, namely its multi-purpose functionality, which allow it to be used as a heavy duty weed barrier and thrive as a stabilising membrane. Additionally, the woven characteristic enables the fabric to have excellent strength and tear resistance, which means it can be laid beneath paths and angular gravel in planting schemes. Even more, Groundtex geotextile is manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene material. Therefore, there are no nasty fillers used to increase the weight of the geotextile and consequently harm its performance. Given these points, Groundtex is the ideal solution for schemes that demand a geotextile for a multitude of purposes.

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