Grass Stabilisation Grids Vs Rolled Grass Protection Mesh

Here we navigate the two most common grass protection mats: rolled grass protection mesh and grass reinforcement grids.

Rolled Grass Protection Mesh

Rolled grass protection mesh is a popular choice in the landscaping industry, particularly amongst keen DIYers, as the grass protection mesh can be laid upon existing grass, removing the requirement for excavation. The installation of grass protection mesh is also efficient as it is simply unrolled across the grass. However, there are a couple of factors that need to be considered before deciding on using rolled grass mesh. As grass protection mesh is formulated of plastic it is best unrolled in warm weather. Also, to securely lay the grass protection mesh a substantial number of pins are required to ensure it remains in place; 2.5 staples per m² is recommended.

Although seemingly a good option for grass reinforcement, grass protection mesh may not be the most hardwearing, as it can easily buckle and snap when load is exerted onto the surface.

Grass Reinforcement Grid

A grass reinforcement grid primarily enables increased parking capacity on green spaces but can be used for alternative applications such as golf courses and caravan parks. Grass reinforcement grids, such as Grassrings, require ground preparation work prior to installation. However, as the grass reinforcement grid has a low-profile, minimal excavation is required. Grassrings grass reinforcement grid has exceptionally strong reinforcement capabilities, notably 350 tonnes per m² . The strength of grass reinforcement grids means they are the ideal landscaping solution for permanent spaces needing grass protection.

While installing a grass reinforcement grid can be quick, it will take time after installation for the grass to grow over the system to create consistent coverage and optimal reinforcement.

The conclusion

Both options of grass protection mats have their advantages and disadvantages. , If a temporary solution is sought then a rolled grass protection mesh is the better landscaping solution. However, if a permanent solution is needed, a grass reinforcement grid, such as Grassrings, is the ideal product. While rolled grass protection mesh may be quicker to install, staples are required to fix it down, whereas this is not always a requirement for grass reinforcement grids. Waiting for the grass to grow when using a grass reinforcement grid may be viewed as a pain point, but grass can be spoiled if trafficked too early with both types of grass protection mat. Rolled grass protection mesh also requires mowing at least once before use to prevent the sinking,which risks grass damage.

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