FAQs about landscaping fabrics

When you’re tackling a new garden project, you might be weighing up the pros and cons of laying a landscaping fabric. Here, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about weed control and landscaping fabrics.

What’s the difference between weed control and landscaping fabric?

You may hear these terms used interchangeably. Weed control fabrics, landscaping fabrics, geotextile membranes are all terms used to refer to a barrier that’s laid in the ground to address common landscaping problems. Understanding the differences between weed control fabrics and landscaping fabrics will help identify the best to opt for.

Is it better to use a woven or non-woven landscape fabric?

When you’re choosing a landscaping fabric, you first need to be clear about where you’re using it and what problem you’re looking to avoid or solve. From there, identifying the right geotextile membrane is simple using Growtivation’s Geo Fabric Product Selector. Whether that’s a woven or non-woven fabric will depend on the application.

Will I never have to weed again if I lay a weed control fabric?

Weeds will continue to come back to a garden because seeds blown in on the wind or dropped by birds reintroduce them to the surface. But while weeds can never be 100% eradicated, using weed control membranes, such as Weedtex, can restrict their growth by depriving them of light. A weed control fabric also prevents weeds growing in the surface covering becoming deep-rooted making them very easy to remove.

What is the best weed control fabric for plant beds?

When you’ve spent time and effort designing and creating a beautiful plant bed, it’s a sorry sight to see weeds take over. Using a weed control fabric in plant beds can significantly reduce their impact, even if they cannot be eradicated. Landtex is an excellent choice to consider for plant beds, as it is easy to slit without fraying for planting through and allows liquid feed, fertilisers, water and air to permeate the soil.

Do I need a weed control fabric on my driveway?

If you’re installing a new driveway, you may be considering if you need to lay a weed control fabric. A specialist driveway fabric is laid beneath the compacted stone sub-base to prevent aggregates mixing with the soil and make sure that the surface is stable and resistant to ruts. Weeds, unless extremely invasive, won’t grow through a correctly installed and prepared stone sub-base, therefore including a weed control fabric in the build-up is pointless. Specialist driveway fabric Drivetex provides the durability and stability needed beneath driveways to spread the imposed load of vehicle traffic and stop aggregates sinking.

How do I choose the best landscaping fabric?

A quality, multi-purpose geotextile membrane such as Groundtex is suitable for a variety of landscaping applications. However, it’s best to check if a specialist fabric may give you a superior performance against a particular landscaping problem by using our Geo Fabric Product Selector.

Will I need to replace landscaping membrane?

Growtivation’s geotextile membranes are of high quality and designed for longevity. A driveway membrane, such as Drivetex, will last as long as the driveway and will not need replacing. In plant beds, the longevity of a standard duty membrane such as Weedtex will depend on how much the area is dug and forked. If the fabric is damaged, it can compromise its performance. All fabrics from the Product That Worx range are backed by Growtivation’s Pledgemark lifetime warranty.

Are landscaping fabrics difficult to lay?

Growtivation landscaping fabrics come in different roll lengths and sizes to suit a variety of applications. The ground will need proper preparation, but the fabrics are quick and easy to fit, each with simple-to-follow video instructions, and details of how to fix them in place with Extrafix landscape fixings.

Will a landscaping fabric affect the quality of the soil?

A landscape or weed control fabric creates a barrier on top of the soil that prevents light from reaching it. All Growtivation’s membranes are specifically designed so that air, water, and nutrients can permeate, keeping the soil in good condition.

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