Artificial grass - is it the answer homeowners are looking for?

Have you spotted more pristine looking lawns of late? Seemingly lush, green grass that stays vibrant through heatwaves and perfectly manicured year-round? Chances are it’s artificial – an increasingly popular option for homeowners wanting an immaculate-looking garden.

Why is artificial grass so appealing?

Synthetic lawns require minimal upkeep. They don’t need mowing and maintenance is limited to a little sweeping or cleaning with hot water. As artificial grass popularity has surged, so has the quality and realistic results of the options available. It’s also long-lasting, with good quality options lasting over ten years. Homeowners that have struggled with patchy or weed-infested lawns have also been won over by the lushness of artificial grass.

What are the drawbacks of artificial grass?

While the advantages of artificial grass are undeniable, there are several considerations before faking it. There’s no fresh-cut grass smell and nature-lovers will miss the biodiversity of a natural lawn. Natural turf is also cheaper to lay and more environmentally friendly, as artificial lawns are plastic. It can also look too perfect – in a way that ultimately could look unnatural or unrealistic.

What’s the best lawn solution?

There are many circumstances where a natural lawn is better than artificial grass. Artificial grass may be low-maintenance and not suffer from some of the issues of real turf, but it isn’t for everyone and there are some ready solutions to the advantages that artificial seems to offer over real grass.. For example, if you want to be able to park cars on a lawn, either temporarily or permanently, artificial grass won’t be suitable. Instead, natural turf with a grass protection system installed is an attractive solution.

Grassrings grass protection grids installed beneath grass stabilises and reinforces it, making it ideal for light vehicle traffic and parking. The open grid structure of Grassrings allows lateral root growth, enabling grass to get the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs.

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