Landscaping solutions - grass protection

Achieving a flat and lush lawn can be tricky. It needs careful attention, watering and mowing to keep it looking smart, neat, and free from moss and patches. Things get more complicated when the grass is used for occasional parking – for example, if you sometimes need overflow parking from your usual driveway.

Considering grass for vehicles access and parking

The ability to use areas of grass for occasional vehicular access or additional parking is the kind of flexibility homeowners and property managers find desirable. However, the key is ensuring that this occasional use doesn’t spoil the usual soft, green look of the lawn.

Protecting areas of grass from vehicles

When lawn needs to be used for parking and access, it doesn’t have to be ruined by vehicle weight and tyres. The installation of a grass protection system, that is a stable yet permeable base, will do that and also won’t sink, rut or kill the grass. The Grassrings grid system, part of the Product That Works range from Growtivation, features flexible modules that clip together and are laid on a stone sub-base, back-filled with fertiliser and soil, then seeded. Laying Grassings in a grassed area results in a long-term, reinforced and stable grass surface able to withstand the rigours of occasional vehicle use.

How can grass survive with a grid system?

Grassrings have an open grid structure that allows a large root development area. This means that the grassroots can grow laterally, allowing the grass to thrive. While the flexible modules of Grassrings provide stabilisation, they also prevent soil compaction. Grass can still get the air, water and nutrients it needs to grow. After laying Grassrings, it merely needs treating like any other lawn – with watering and mowing.

Where can Grassrings be used?

As well as making front lawns of residential properties conveniently dual-purpose, Grassrings grass protection mats are suitable for use in caravan parks, golf courses and venue parking.

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