How to create a temporary parking solution on grass

When grassy areas are used to accommodate parking, temporarily or others, at a public venue or a private home, the weight of the vehicles and wear of the tyres easily and quickly cause damage to this delicate surface. With a beautiful lawn notoriously challenging to achieve, restoring it to its former glory after being used for parking can take considerable time, effort and expense. However, with proper preparation and the use of an innovative ground control solution, grassed areas can be made to work well as temporary parking spaces and remain looking good after the cars, vans, or even coaches have departed.

Protecting grass used for temporary parking

To avoid mud-churned, unsightly grass after temporary parking use, there’s a simple solution. Grassrings from Growtivation’s Product That Works range of professional landscaping solutions, is a grass protection system that provides robust reinforcement and stabilisation beneath areas that are sometimes used for parking, preventing rutting of the grassed surface and compaction of the grass roots.

Laid on a stone sub-base, then backfilled with soil and grass seed, Grassrings grass parking mats protect grass roots from being compacted by the weight of moving and parked vehicles. The roots can still get the air, moisture, and nutrients they need to survive, thereby preventing long-term damage to the grassy area.

Attractive occasional parking

If a permanent parking solution isn’t needed, it makes sense to create a visually-pleasing grassy area that can be used as overflow parking as and when required. Lawned spaces provide a soft, green and attractive aesthetic that can be preferable to hard landscaping when only used for parking once in a while. The flexibility of the Grassrings grass protection grids means they are able to follow the contours of the land, making them easy and quick to install. As a modular grass protection system, the 500mm2 mats simply and firmly clip together and are suitable for use in large and small applications alike.

Easy to maintain grass parking

Once Grassrings are fitted, they provide a long-lasting solution to temporary parking. Once in place, the grass simply needs to be treated as any other lawn, with watering and mowing as required. By installing Grassrings to protect against tyre damage from vehicles or rutting caused by their weight, no repair work is necessary to restore the lawn after use as temporary parking.

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