Drawing a line with Gravelrings Parking Bay Markers

There are many factors to consider when you weigh up surface options for a driveway, access road or car park. While gravel is the premium choice, it does throw up a number of questions. How can you protect against gravel migration? How will the stones behave when laid on a slope? And how can you neatly and elegantly mark out parking bays on a gravel surface?

Using gravel on a car parking surface

The benefits of gravelled surfaces, whether for domestic or commercial projects, are plentiful. The perceived issues of gravel migration or gravel movement are easily mitigated by laying the Gravelrings grid retention system, whose robust, cellular structure provides stability and prevents movement and migration.

Gravel driveways and parking areas are generally associated with higher-end establishments, including stately homes, luxury venues, and five-star hotels. Plus, the crunch of a gravel surface naturally makes vehicles drive a little slower, which is a welcome safety benefit in any car parking area. What’s more, gravel surfaces are porous, allowing SuDS-compliant rainwater drainage. Gravel can also be a cost-effective surface compared to other options.

How to mark parking bays on gravel

Some venues may prefer the seamless look of a non-marked car park. Unmarked bays also allow visitors the luxury of space to park a little more freely than they might otherwise. But practically speaking, marking bays is a more efficient way to maximise the number of vehicles able to park. A compromise is possible, where subtle markers indicate parking parameters without entirely marking whole bays that dominate or spoil the overall effect.

A neat solution to marking out parking spaces is to use Gravelrings Parking Bay Markers. These simple, square modules push quickly and securely over the Gravelrings grid retention system, marking car park spaces in a well-defined yet unobtrusive way. They’re available in white, a good option for clearly marking bays, but other colour options are available to suit the design of your car park. The system’s flexibility means that they can be positioned in T formations, used to mark bay corners, or used as creatively as a client chooses to identify parking spaces.

Quick and easy positioning

Gravelrings Parking Bay Markers clip quickly and easily onto the Gravelrings gravel retention grid. What’s more, if your parking requirements change, they can be removed and repositioned, depending on whether you want to create more parking spaces or fewer. This flexibility is a tempting option when comparing the relative difficulty of changing parking bays once they’re permanently painted onto hard surfaces.

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