When To Use Drainage Geotextile Fabric

Drainage fabric is an essential geotextile in a landscaper’s toolkit and aids in creating systems designed for water management. Used in the correct setting, drainage membranes allow stormwater to permeate through, soak into the ground and return to the natural water cycle. But first, let’s delve deeper into waterlogging.

Drainage fabric and waterlogging

A situation any landscaper wants to avoid is waterlogging, which is where excess water from rain cannot drain quickly enough and forms surface water. Extended periods of waterlogging can cause irreversible plant damage, as the plants are starved from oxygen. When it comes to lawns waterlogging is particularly common on compacted and clay soils as they naturally drain slower. To overcome these issues a drainage system along with a drainage fabric will need to be installed.

Drainage geotextile fabric applications

A French drain is formed using a perforated pipe in a trench encased with pea shingle and lined with a drainage membrane, like Draintex. French drains are designed to move surface water from an area with insufficient drainage to an alternative area that can manage excess water. In this application a drainage geotextile fabric is vital to prevent fine soil from entering the pea shingle and seeping into the French drain, reducing the risk of blockages which are difficult to clear once the drain is installed.

Another application drainage fabrics are used for are soakaway crates, they manage stormwater by collecting the water underground and slowly draining it away into the surrounding soil. The purpose of using a drainage membrane around a soakaway is to act as a filter and prevent silt and debris entering the system, to avoid compromising its efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the water-retention capacity.

Finding the right drainage membrane

When it comes to selecting a drainage membrane one size does not fit all. Draintex, from Growtivation’s Product That Works range, is available in a range of roll and pack sizes to suit the demand of the project, whether it be domestic or commercial.

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