A stabilising influence: groundworks and sub-base preparation

But why cut corners and take these risks when there is a simple, cost-effective solution in the form of ground stabilisation geotextile fabrics?

Preparing your ground

Good preparation and planning is always key to creating a perfect landscape project. All hard landscape surfaces, such as gravel and paving, require solid foundations.

First, you need to ensure the site is cleared of debris and any vegetation. The area should then be excavated to the correct depth to allow for sub-base and surface finish materials. At this point it should always be checked to ensure it is firm and level. Once this has been done, it’s time to use a specialist geotextile fabric, such as Groundtex from Growtivation’s Product That Works range. Rolled out onto the prepared sub-grade or formation level, this geotextile fabric serves to separate it from the next layer (referred to as the sub-base – often primary aggregate), prevent settlement and enable ground stabilisation.

On stable ground

Strong woven geotextiles have sufficient strength in them for groundwork and civil engineering applications, as well as being suitable for hard or soft landscaping schemes. Groundtex is a dual-purpose woven geotextile fabric that can be used above ground as a weed suppressant and below ground, under MOT type 1 or 3 aggregate, making it tough enough to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic and prevent these aggregates sinking into the soil beneath.

Despite being super tear resistant, quality geotextile fabrics will also allow moisture through where drainage is needed.

Once the geotextile fabric has been installed, it is then simply a case of correctly spreading and compacting sufficient aggregate according to the engineer’s specification, to achieve a stable and solid result.

A ground stabilisation product that works

Part of Growtivation’s extensive Product That Works range of geotextile fabrics, Groundtex is a tough, multi-purpose woven fabric, suitable for weed suppression and ground stabilisation. Excellent strength and tear resistance make Groundtex ideal for use in groundwork and civil engineering applications.

Groundtex is available in a range of roll and pack sizes, from the Mini Roll at 1m x 15m to the Contractor Roll at 4.5m x 100m, which comes folded or unfolded.

To ensure you have all the information you need to successfully use this ground stabilising and separating geotextile fabric download the Installation Guide, Tech Data Sheet and Brochure.

To find out more about the other ground control products in the Growtivation Product That Works range download our Landscaping That Works guide.

Or to find out where you can buy Growtivation weed control membranes and ground stabilisation geotextiles visit our Where to Buy facility or contact the friendly team at Growtivation for advice on 0800 197 8885 or email sales@growtivation.com.