How to install a ground stabilisation membrane

Part of the Product That Works landscaping range of geotextile fabrics by Growtivation, Groundtex is a tough, multi-purpose woven fabric, with superior strength and tear resistance that make it ideal for groundwork and civil engineering applications.

Installing a ground stabilisation membrane

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing Groundtex as a ground stabilisation membrane:

Step 1: Prepare the ground by excavating the area to a depth that takes into account the sub-base, base course layer and the surface finish (such as paving stones or tarmac). Remove sharp stones and other debris that could cut or tear the fabric.

Step 2: Lay Groundtex fabric out over the prepared area, keeping overlaps to a minimum, but where there are joints allowing overlaps of at least 300mm.

Step 3: Secure the ground stabilisation membrane in place using Extrafix fixing pegs.

Step 4: Lay the sub-base layer over the fabric and compact it using a roller or compacting plate.

The area is then ready for any base layer that is required for the chosen surface finish (eg. bedding sand for block paving).

The benefits of geotextile fabrics

Including a quality geotextile fabric into your project offers you and your clients a number of benefits. These include:

  • Separating the prepared sub-grade or formation level from the sub-base
  • Preventing settlement, cracking and other damage to surface finishes
  • Allowing moisture through where drainage is needed
  • Long-lasting results

Groundtex is available in a range of roll and pack sizes. Suitable for paths, there is the narrow, long roll that is 1m wide and 15m long. For squarer areas such as patios, there is a mini pack which is 2m wide and 10m long. The midi rolls for medium sized jobs have total areas of between 50m2 and 100m2 and the maxi rolls are 100m long and come in two widths of 1m and 2m.

For particularly large areas or for landscaping and building contractors who regularly use Groundtex, we offer the extra-wide contractor pack, which is 4.5m wide and 11m long and comes in a handy folded pack. The roll equivalent covers a huge 450m2 at a width of 4.5m and 100m long.

To ensure you have all the information you need to successfully use this ground stabilising and separating geotextile fabric download the Installation Guide, Tech Data Sheet and Brochure.

To find out more about the other ground control products in the Growtivation Product That Works range download our Landscaping That Works guide.

Or find out where you can buy Growtivation weed control membranes and ground stabilisation geotextiles by visiting our Where to Buy facility. The expert and friendly team at Growtivation are also on hand to provide advice and guidance on 0800 197 8885 or email