With the landscaping season nearly upon us now is the time to stock up on those landscaping supplies that will equip you for the year ahead, helping you to create landscapes that wow your customers and have them recommending you to others.

Here we’ve compiled a list of landscape and garden supplies to have to hand that will help you to tackle common landscaping problems and more:

Weed control fabric

Weeds can be a particular bugbear of your clients and something they would like, or even expect you, to address when you are working on their landscaping project. Armed with a range of weed control fabrics, you’ll be one step ahead of these unwanted garden features. Breathable and porous geotextile fabrics, such as Weedtex from Growtivation’s Product That Works range of professional landscaping supplies, provides long term weed control across different landscaping applications. For particularly troublesome areas, Landtex is slightly thicker than Weedtex but, as with Weedtex, still allows liquid feed, water and air to maintain a fertile soil for plants. If heavy duty weed control is required, Groundtex woven geotextile is the solution.

However, while these landscape fabrics offer effective weed control for weeds already in the ground, it is worth reminding customers that weeds may keep coming back as birds and the wind cause reseeding in the surface covering.

Ground stabilisation and soil separation membranes

One of the key components in pretty much any landscaping project is ground stabilisation and soil separation. Failing to create a stable base for a path, patio, driveway or parking area will make the site highly susceptible to becoming uneven and cracked. With Groundtex among your supplies you have a heavy-duty material that’s suitable for most soft and hard landscaping schemes. It also provides excellent weed resistance beneath sharp, angular stones. But for more demanding or industrial projects that require super-tough durability and mechanical resistance, Earthworx NW1000 is likely to be the best option.

Another must-have landscape solution is Drivetex – a purpose-made membrane that prevents sinking and rutting caused by aggregate settlement into the soil beneath. This professional-grade driveway fabric is used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore in sub-base layers.

If any of your projects feature sloping surfaces or embankments, then you’ll need Earthworx Groundcell at the ready. With its honeycomb cell structure, this landscaping solution ensures excellent drainage and ground stabilisation to prevent soil displacement and erosion on slopes. Groundcell can also be used to protect tree roots.

Drainage solutions

Waterlogging is another common issue that landscaping professionals must tackle on projects. Tackling slow draining water from lawns often requires installing a French drain for your client. French drains work best when wrapped in a non-woven membrane with a stable but open structure, as this maintains the drain’s capacity and efficiency. Draintex is ideal for trench work like this.

Draintex, with its excellent filtration properties, is also the ideal geotextile fabric for wrapping soakaway crates in both domestic and commercial applications.

Gravel retention grids

A popular way to add texture to and soften the edges of hard landscaping, gravel also brings with it a natural ability to spread and end up far from where it was intended. Gravel retention grids are the perfect solution to keeping this versatile landscaping material where it is supposed to be.

The Gravelrings gravel retention system is designed to keep gravel from migrating into flowerbeds and lawns, thanks to its circular cell design, and helps to achieve a long-lasting result that stays free of ruts and grooves. What’s more, the integral mesh backing on each Gravelrings mat prevents silt build-up and resists weed growth.

Grass protection

For those projects where a customer wants the convenience of additional parking space without increasing the size of their driveway, grass protection mats are a good solution. Grassed areas and lawns that have been protected with grass reinforcement mesh can be used for occasional parking and still look good afterwards.

You can give that flexibility to your customers by installing the Grassrings grass reinforcement grids. These flexible modules clip together to reinforce and stabilise the grass surface, ensuring that vehicle tyres and excess weight don’t ruin it.

Find out more about the Growtivation Product That Works range by downloading our Product Guide and your free copy of our Landscaping That Works guide to weed control and geotextile fabrics.

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