Building solutions – vapour control

A building project always involves challenges and one of the biggest is preventing damp. It is critical that you get your damp-proofing solution right.

Damp caused by the ingress of moisture and water into walls is one of the most common forms of damp. It can be caused by a number of things – the great British weather certainly plays a part – and it can lead to serious and expensive-to-fix damage to a property.

Without the proper damp-proofing in place, this type of damp can cause wallpaper to peel, walls to crumble, floorboards to rot and toxic mould to form. If a property you’ve worked on gets this problem, you’ll be facing a big repair bill and a big hit to your reputation.

To help you avoid these issues, we’ve put together a brief guide to building solutions for preventing damp in walls.

Vapour-control membranes vs damp-proof membranes

The most widely used damp-proofing solutions are sheet membranes. The options are vapour-control membranes and damp-proof membranes. It is vital that you use the right one for the right application.

The product that you should use to prevent moisture and water ingress into walls is a vapour-control membrane, such as Siteworx Vapour Membrane. This type of membrane is designed specifically to stop moisture from getting into walls and accumulating in insulation cavities.

Damp-proof membranes can be used in walls, but vapour-control membranes are the better product for this purpose because they are lighter and thinner.

Why you should use vapour-control membranes to stop damp

The management of water and moisture ingress into walls is a vital part of a building project and vapour-control membranes are designed to prevent water accumulating in wall cavities and wreaking havoc on a property.

Notably, preventing this water accumulation through the installation of vapour-control membranes is particularly important in timber-framed buildings where the water can cause serious damage to the wooden infrastructure.

Furthermore, when it comes to a new build or a modern house, the installation of vapour-control membranes is again critical because water vapour can’t escape as easily in these types of buildings as it can in older ones.

The importance of the right building materials in avoiding damp

Preventing the damp caused by water and moisture ingress into walls is a common challenge faced on a building job and it is critical, as a building professional, that you use the right damp-proofing solution and avoid damp-related damage. Your reputation and business depend on it.

This post is intended to provide you with the information that you need to put in place the right damp-proofing solution and avoid crumbling walls, sagging wallpaper, rotting wood and toxic mould. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about planning and the materials you use on your next building job.

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