Building solutions – on-site protection materials

The safety of workers, equipment and construction work on a building site is critical and having the right on-site protection materials is essential to preventing accidents and damage.

The consequences of accidents and damage on a build can be serious and costly. Most accidents take place on sites where small building firms, sub-contractors and self-employed workers are employed. On-site protection materials can help prevent them.

To help avoid accidents and damage on your building site, we’ve put together a brief guide to the on-site materials that will protect you and your workers, and your machinery and what you’re building.

How tarpaulins help your building site stay safe

You’re working hard on your build – floors are going down, walls are going up and the site is busy with equipment and machinery. You’re on schedule and you want to keep it that way. You don’t want any accidents or damage to put you back.

To achieve these goals make sure you have a good supply of tarpaulin. That’s right, good old tarpaulin – it’s not glamorous but it is essential. It’s a good idea to have a range of quality tarpaulin that is designed to withstand tearing, that offers protection from the weather and that can be firmly fixed in place with polypropylene rope.

This type of highly durable tarpaulin, such as Siteworx Multi-Purpose Tarpaulin and Siteworx Heavy Duty Tarpaulin, will protect your people, your work and your building materials, and help avoid any accidents or damage.

The role of protective sheeting in on-site safety

When you’re considering on-site protection materials, it’s not only outside work that you need to think about. As a job progresses, more work will be done inside or the job may just involve interior work. Either way, you need to protect those interiors, for which protective sheeting is vital.

Again, there’s nothing very glamorous about protective sheeting, but it’s an on-site protection material that you can’t afford to be without. You should have a range of good quality protective sheeting for the various types of interior jobs that you do.

For example, easy-to-pack and easy-to-transport temporary protective sheeting is a cost-effective means of covering large areas on a site, while high-protection sheeting can be used to protect floors and other large interior surfaces.

Medium protection sheeting is ideal for protecting furniture and other items during building projects or decorating, and light protection sheeting can be used as dust sheets when doing various jobs.

Barrier fencing and how it increases safety on site

Another vital on-site safety material that is essential to preventing accidents and damage is barrier fencing. You should use a lightweight but tough extruded mesh that comes in a highly visible colour and is quick and easy to put up, such as Siteworx Barrier Fence. It should be secured in place using heavy-duty steel fence pins.

This type of barrier fencing will protect your building work from the public and the public from your building work. Its visibility and strength will help prevent on-site accidents and damage. For example, it can be used to clearly cordon off excavations and other hazards.

The importance of the right on-site protection materials

Most building site accidents and damage can be avoided by following the proper procedures and having the right on-site protection materials. As a building professional, it is important that you plan properly and equip your site with the building project essentials needed to make it safe. Your reputation depends on it.

Safeguard your workforce, your work and your bottom line by making informed decisions about site safety and the materials you need to achieve it.

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