A buyer’s guide to landscaping fabrics

Not all landscaping fabrics are created equal. And when it comes to Growtivation’s range of professional landscaping geotextile membranes, this is intentional in order to address the different and specific requirements of various landscaping applications.

Here we look at our range to ensure that you always use the geotextile fabric that is best suited to your project or application, and you the long-lasting results you want.


Weedtex is an ideal weed control fabric for under garden borders, decking and bark chippings. This standard duty weed control fabric allows nutrients, water and air into the soil, but prevents weeds from getting the daylight they need to grow. If your project is a soft landscaping one that focuses on creating beautiful borders, or if you’re installing decking, Weedtex provides all the qualities you need to control the growth of weeds.


Landtex is a weed control fabric that is more suited for use beneath planted areas and bark or mulch. Thicker than Weedtex, Landtex provides more substantial weed control in particularly troublesome areas. As it is primarily for use under soft landscaping, a heavier-duty landscaping fabric, such as Groundtex, is more suited than Landtex for weed control under angular stone and aggregate and hard landscaping.


Groundtex is an excellent multi-purpose woven geotextile membrane that’s suitable for a wide range of landscaping applications. Its heavy-duty nature means it’s the optimum weed control fabric for rockeries and decorative stone features, but also for weed-prone areas that are walked over or driven on, such as paths and driveways. Groundtex is also an excellent choice for ground stabilisation under gravel, patios and paths.


When it comes to improving garden drainage and filtration, Draintex is our go-to option. It’s a standard duty, non-woven fabric that has a stable but open structure, making it ideal for lining trenches of land drains and wrapping soakaways and water attenuation crates. Although non-woven geotextile fabrics have a lower tensile strength than woven fabrics, they have better drainage properties and are easy to cut.


Our Drivetex fabric is the perfect ground stabilisation fabric, thanks to its heavy-duty and non-woven properties. It’s used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore in sub-base layers to prevent sinking and rutting. Being non-woven, it doesn’t lose strength over time, so it’s ideal for use beneath driveways and in drainage systems where long-term ground stabilisation and filtration is vital. Drivetex is also the best option for controlling weeds under artificial grass. Whilst not typically used as a weed control fabric, the artificial grass itself provides a block to sunlight and the non-woven membrane doesn’t snag on the backing material like a woven fabric does, making installation easier.


Earthworx NW1000 Geotextile is our toughest fabric. This non-woven, super strength geotextile is primarily designed for use under heavy traffic roads and horse arenas. It’s often the best option for parking areas too. NW1000’s 100% polypropylene fibres provide excellent durability and mechanical resistance, as well as separation, filtration, drainage and reinforcement, making it the ideal geotextile fabric for civil engineering applications

To help decide which geotextile fabric is best for your project, our Geo Fabric Product Selector has all the information you need.

With 20 years’ experience, Growtivation understands the needs of landscaping professionals and has concentrated on providing high performance solutions with our Product That Works range.

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