landscape fabric and gravel

Perform a quick search online for more information about landscape fabric and you’ll get a long list of results. Unfortunately, not all of them provide reliable information, which has led to a number of myths being created about landscape fabrics. To set the record straight, let’s look at the 7 most common myths about landscape fabric to allow you to make an informed decision.

Myth 1: You’ll never have to weed your garden again

Landscape fabric offers a great way to slow down the growth of weeds in the garden, which means less time spent trimming, cutting and pulling. However, landscape fabric cannot completely stop weeds from growing. In fact, it is almost impossible to cultivate a permanently weed-free garden, no matter how many preventative measures you put in place.
Seeds are continually dropped into your garden by birds and wind movement, which encourages weeds to return and grow. Weeds also only need a small part of their root to remain in the soil to replenish themselves and start to sprout again. Installing a permeable fabric will keep the ground in great condition and slow down weed growth quite considerably, but there will be some ongoing maintenance work required to remove new weeds that come from seeds dropped by birds or blown in by the wind as and when they appear.

Myth 2: Landscape fabric affects the quality of the soil

Understandably, you may be concerned that laying a fabric on top of the soil could affect its quality over time. However, the material is specifically designed to ensure water, air and nutrients can still reach the soil to keep it in good condition. A geotextile drainage membrane stops light from reaching the soil, which is how weed growth is dramatically reduced, while still enabling the soil underneath to flourish.

Myth 3: Landscape fabric doesn’t really work

Before you invest in a landscape fabric, take some time to ensure the product you purchase is suitable for the project you are working on. Choosing a landscape fabric that isn’t designed for the application at hand will mean you will not see the expected results. For example, Landtex, is designed to suppress weed growth in the garden and if used elsewhere it is less likely to meet your requirements. Drivetex provides the strength and durability needed for driveway installation, but would not be suitable for use under decking or rock gardens.

Myth 4: Landscape fabric is expensive

When you take into account how long it lasts and the long-term weed suppression and ground stabilisation it provides, landscape fabric is one of the most cost-effective methods of weed control and ground stabilisation.The price is based on the square footage required for the project, so once you have measured the dimensions of the area to be covered you can organise your budget. Some products provide fantastic value, with robust drainage membranes designed for use in driveways, such as Drivetex, lasting as long as it remains installed.

Myth 5: Landscape fabric is harmful to the environment

Continually exposing soil to chemical weed killers is not only bad for the garden, but for the environment in general. Using a weed control fabric is deemed to be a better solution as it offers longevity compared to the pollutants found in sprays. Excessive use of weed killer is not only potentially damaging to plants, but also distorts and stunts the growth of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Myth 6: Landscape fabric is hard to install

Installing landscape fabric may appear to be a difficult task, but most people find the reality to be the complete opposite. With a variety of lengths and widths to suit different applications and simple step-by-step video instructions available for products such as Weedtex, you can have the fabric in place in no time at all. Before installation be sure to carry out adequate ground preparation, such as strimming nearby vegetation and removing any stalks or sharp objects in the soil, as this will make the process much easier to complete.

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